Tailor your applications

It is worth doing some light research so you can forge your application accordingly. Organisations and entire industries have gone through an immense amount of change in the last year, so read up on what the industry or organisation is now looking for or the skills they desire.

Once you’ve tailored your application to the right organisation, it will be noticeable and stand out to other applicants.

Be open while job hunting

Unfortunately when it comes to looking for a job today, having an open mind is necessary. The global pandemic has inevitably caused changes across the skills needed for a job role and the organisation or field itself. So being flexible and applying to jobs outside of your field may be something to consider.

Consider what factors you are willing to compromise on and what factors will be imperative to your workplace wellbeing and career progression. If you’re working with a recruiter, make sure they know what these are, so they don’t pass you up for a promising opportunity just because it didn’t match all of your criteria.


Be clear about your USP. in your field!

Having a USP makes anything be it a person or product stand out, This still applies to a job role because at the end of the day you are selling your skills and expertise to an organisation. So showing that you have a skill that no normal candidate has is important. After Covid19 a lot of roles now overlap and now require you to do many tasks however this doesn’t mean you can’t be a pro in your field and make your recruiters aware of what your field is.

Monitor social media for prospective job opportunities

In a recent Jobvite survey, 58% of recruiters said they’re using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to promote their brands and connect to talent. Building a beautiful LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram account to show your skills and experience.

To connect with employers that are recruiting candidates through social media, follow their social media accounts to learn more about their operations and culture; retweet and share their relevant posts and comment on their posts when you have something constructive to add to the conversation.


We understand that it is not as simple as following these steps. Having the right skills for the job market now is more important than ever because organisations don’t need to provide much training to an applicant if they have already taken the time out and learnt specific skills, such as Microsoft OFccie Suite, Facebook Ads manager etc.

That is why here at Tech Geek UK we are training people over the age of 18 who are on Universal credit to get the right skills, training and career support to help them find a job and back on their feet. We believe everyone deserves a chance and its never too late to RESTART
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