Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence is a kind of intelligence service where you try to find the threats that occur regarding cyber security. Because the threatening actors hide and conceal their activities, an intelligence service must move carefully and leave no trace. The intelligence service must have a thorough knowledge of the regions in which the enemy moves, and of their methods and approaches. The Internet, where all cyber activities occur, has dark parts that one must dive into in order to access the worst cyber threats against companies and organizations.

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A Deep dive into the Internet

The worldwide internet can be divided into three parts:

Surface web

The superficial part of the internet that we can all access with the help of standard browsers and search engines. This is the tip of the iceberg that is visible above the surface and makes up about 10 percent of the net.

Deep web

Beneath the surface is the deep web that makes up the remaining 90 percent of the internet. Deep web contains more special information that can not be accessed via the usual browsers and search engines. To enter here, a more specific web address (URL) is required. In addition, password authentication is usually required. Here is the intranet of companies and organizations, their non-public data and other information that is not for outsiders.

Dark web

At the bottom of the deep web is the dark web, the shady parts of the internet, where there are no rules. You only get here with the help of special browsers such as the Tor browser. No one is responsible for or regulates this part of the network. Therefore, it is often associated with illegal activities. Using the Tor browser and moving around in the dark web is legal in most countries. But committing crimes through the dark web is, of course, illegal. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to access criminals on the dark web because they encrypt and use confusing and ambiguous language in their conversation.

Risks on the dark net

In order to obtain information about what the cybercriminals are up to, you must therefore move on the dark web. But it’s nothing for amateurs. Moving in the dark web is associated with risks and it is easy to get out of the ashes of the fire. When moving in the dark web, you must have special tools, such as those used by national intelligence services. You must have the knowledge required to leave no trace, and last but not least, you must know what to do with the data you obtain.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis

Analysis of cyber threat notifications can be done by highly trained and experienced cyber security professionals. These analysts monitor, collect and analyze intelligence data on cyber threats, security incidents in various threat landscapes. They study patterns of attacks, motives, methods and severity. They filter and analyze this data in order to deliver these notifications to organizations’ security departments with proposals for countermeasures and safeguards.

Specific notifications to your organization

A professional monitoring of your own organization provides the very best foresight and gives you the opportunity to respond to existing and possible future threats with countermeasures in a timely manner. TechGeek Cyber has the experienced expertise and the special tools required to monitor the shady places on the internet and look for threats and identified vulnerabilities in your organization that have been gathered on criminal websites.

How it works...

In practical terms, we check to see if there are identified vulnerabilities that have been documented on various parts of the network, including the deep web and dark web, which can be linked to your organization or industry or to your partners and suppliers. We can agree on subscriptions that provide your organization with services in the following parts:
  • Domain protection: Control of your websites, important domains and industries and what is written about them.

  • Credential protection: Control of the organization’s IP addresses and critical servers and services as well as usernames and passwords that may be available in places where they should not be, and may be for sale on the dark web at the highest bidder.

  • Dark web and deep web analytics: Controls what is written about concepts that are important to your organization.

  • Checking what is written in hacktivism forums (hackers who engage in political activism) and other forums and whether there is a threat picture and what is written in social media that can pose a threat.

  • Credit Cards: If stolen credit card numbers are on the dark web or if software or intellectual property is sold illegally.

All in all, the subscription service Cyber Threat Intelligence is about surveillance, threat analysis and external analysis within your sphere of interest. It is about being informed of the enemy’s plans and about being one step ahead of the threatening actors. With the help of our experts’ analyzes and advice on security measures against current and future threats, you can maintain the best possible cyber security in your organization and avoid unnecessary damage and costs.

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