All everyone wants to do is be in a career that has grown, both personally and professionally as well as a high paying salary. Knowing where to look and where to begin when it comes to finding these job roles may be very time consuming and confusing but no matter where you look there is one job role/industry that will stand out and all you have to do is look at the life we all live, just think about how much we rely on different technologies and software on a day to day basis,

The IT Industry

The IT industry has an enormous amount of growth, and this was before COVID19, the pandemic really enhanced the need for all of these IT professionals. A misconception people have with IT professionals is that you have to know to code, or you have had prior education in computer science or IT, But this is far from the truth. You are able to learn IT and pick it up without any prior experience. Some of the best programmers and IT specialists I know never took computer science seriously in secondary school and took the career path later on in life and still were able to wrap their head around the concepts and become a master in their field.

Whether you want to have a job in coding/programming or have a job role that doesn’t require coding, there are plenty of jobs in the IT industry that can cater to you more than you think. If you are more of a design and creative person you could look into UI or UX design which relies on designs and graphics for websites and other applications a business may need. If you are more of a numbers person you can become a data analyst or a data scientist If you did want to undertake to code, your doors are open to multiple job roles to web development, Software engineering. One thing all these IT job roles have in common is that the constant growth as well as the way they are in demand!

The great thing about these IT jobs is you are able to access training for them in more than one way and not just university. You could learn online however if you would like a more hands-on way, and away a lot of people recommend is undergoing an apprenticeship. Finding apprenticeships in DevOps, software engineering, and cybersecurity may be difficult however we are one of the places that offer these apprenticeships and find you a placement in a company. You will be getting paid while learning as well as gaining real-world experience.

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