Since the first full touchscreen phone released in 2007 (released by Steve Jobs the iPhone), and this was really the first step into the world of smartphones, over 10 years later we have come very far. Now nearly every aspect of these phones has improved, to their size, screens and functionality. However, because of this evolution, the repair side of these phones have also become more complex, And there is a wide range to choose from that can specifically fit your needs.

Why we are the best!

you may be asking yourself how we are able to do same-day repairs for smartphones, especially how complex they are. We are able to fix all phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel and many more! We have trained technicians that have years of experience within this line of work, and are not fazed by the sudden aesthetic design when it comes to the new smartphones of 2020. Smartphones may be becoming more slim, having fullscreen displays however it does not mean this is a problem for our technicians how technicians are professional and have also adapted quickly to the adaptations of smartphones.

Our site is based in West, East London. Our site in West London is for customers however our site in East London Stratford is for trade repairs. We also have a site in Kent in the middle of Walton-on-Thames, Upper Halliford, Shepperton, West and East Molesey.