Cyber Security Career Kickstarter Program


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Course Number: TG-Cyb-001-GB

Duration: 8 Days (8 days or 4 weekends or 10 evenings classes, choose what’s work for you)


If you ever thought of going into CyberSecurity these are the right Qualification to get you in CyberSecurity domain these Industry leading certifications will get you the job interview you been waiting for.

Get trained 2 Industry leading qualification, the training program is designed to get you in the Cyber World. 

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Courses include:

CompTIA N+ Training
CompTIA S+ Training


  • Who should attend:
    • Anyone wanting to start a career in Cyber Security.
    • IT professionals who want to move into Cyber Security.
  • Recommended knowledge:
    To have the best learning experience with this course, you should have a basic understanding of IT.

What is covered?

CompTIA Network+ Training

IntroductionProtocolsClient/Server Communication Layers
Definition of a NetworkProtocolsServer Operating Systems
LANs, WANs, and the InternetTCP/IPComparison of Microsoft Windows NT, Novell Netware, and Unix
Functions of a NetworkIPX/SPXWorkstation Clients
Overview of Network ComponentsNetBEUIMicrosoft Windows 9x, Microsoft Windows NT, and Novell Clients
Networking ModelsCharacteristics of Network ProtocolsMapping Network Drives
DefinitionsChoosing a Protocol
Adding and Removing ProtocolsRemote Connectivity
Cards and CablingProtocol Configuration ProblemsRequirements for Remote Connectivity
Network Adapter CardsPublic Networks
Configuring and Installing a Network CardExtending NetworksDial-Up Lines
Diagnosing Network Card FailureRepeaters and HubsISDN
Network CablingBridges
Twisted Pair CableRouters and Bridge Routers
Other Cable TypesNetwork AddressesNetwork Security
LAN TopologiesRouting TablesUser Level Security
Installing CablingShare Level Security
Crimping CablesTCP/IPAdding Users
Testing CablesThe Development of TCP/IPPassword Principles
Building a BUS Network and Testing Network CommunicationsThe TCP/IP ProtocolEncryption
TCP/IP as an Open StandardFirewalls
Network TechnologiesIP Addresses
Introduction to the OSI ModelConfiguring and Testing IP Addresses
Brief Outline of the Seven Layers – Name and FunctionPING, WINIPCFG, and IPCONFG
Network Card DriversViewing the ARP Cache
Installing and Configuring Network Card DriversNetwork Addresses
BindingsCreating Subnets
802 StandardsModifying the Subnet Mask
EthernetDefault Gateway
Token Ring
Other Technologies


CompTIA Security+ Training

Identifying Security ThreatsSecuring Network Communications
Identify Social Engineering AttacksSecure Network Traffic Using IP Security (IPSec)
Classify Network AttacksWireless Traffic
Classify Software Based AttacksClient Internet Access
Remote Access Channel
Hardening Internal Systems:
Harden Base Operating Systems and Directory ServicesPublic Key Infrastructure
DHCP ServicesInstall a Certificate Authority (CA) Hierarchy
DHCP ServersBack-Up Certificate Authorities
Network FileRestore a Certificate Authority
Print Servers
Monitoring the Security Infrastructure
Internetwork Devices and ServicesScan for Vulnerabilities
Hardening Internetwork Connection DevicesMonitor for Intruders
DNS and BIND ServersRespond to Security Incidents
Web Servers and FTP Servers
Email ServersEnforcing Organisational Security Policy
Enforce Corporate Security Policy Compliance
Legal Compliance
Physical Security Compliance
Educate Users