Internet Users on Social Media
It is reported that over 70% of internet users are present on at least one social media platform, which means that a majority of users can in fact be reached through social media.

Social Media Importance
Surveys and studies carried out by experts in Social Media Marketing, like Hubspot and Social Media Examiner, reveals some satisfying statistics about online marketing. Results revealed that about 90% of marketers said that social media is important for their businesses.

Social Media Marketer Social Media Usage
66% of online marketers are using social media for approx 7 hours or more and 39% for 10 or more hours a week

Mobile Users Stats
According to the reports from Google’s ‘The Mobile Playbook’, 94% of users use a smartphone for local information online. Based on the same report, 51% of those users visited the store they found online.

Search Engine, The Traffic Machine
Search engines are the virtual highways through which the majority of internet traffic flows and finds its destinations. Based on the statistics, is the most visited website. (Source) with around 80% of searches being conducted through this search engine alone. And that is just Google alone. So if a website is not doing well in its relationship with search engines, it is literally missing out on the majority of the traffic found on the internet.