About the Course

As a Mobile and Laptop Repair Technician at Tech Geek UK LTD, you will be both the technical and business development arm of our services, ensuring top-notch repair solutions while simultaneously building a substantial client base through various marketing and outreach efforts.

Key Responsibilities:

Technical Services:

1) Engage with local shopkeepers and businesses to introduce our repair services.
2) Secure a minimum of one new business customer on a weekly basis.
3) Proactively post about our services on various social media platforms daily, in alignment with the company’s brand guidelines.
4) Create and publish technical articles and troubleshooting guides to reinforce our brand’s position as an industry expert.
5) Record and document each repair process, publishing select content on our social media platforms to enhance brand visibility.
6) Explore and introduce new repair services, continually expanding our offerings.
7) Identify and propose additional services that Tech Geek UK LTD can offer, based on market demand and your expertise.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Confidentiality: Technicians are privy to sensitive company information and client details. Any breach of confidentiality will result in immediate termination and potential legal actions.

2. Non-compete: For a period of 12 months post-employment, the technician will not engage in a similar role or start a competing business in the 10 mile radius of the work geographic region.

3. Training: Technicians will undergo a rigorous training program. Post-training, they are expected to maintain the quality of service as set by Tech Geek UK LTD.

4. Revenue Generation: A part of the technician’s compensation may be commission-based, determined by the number of partnerships formed and repairs serviced.

5. Equipment and Tools: Tech Geek UK LTD will provide essential tools for repairs. Misuse or loss of company property will result in deductions from salary or potential termination.

6. Branding: Technicians are not allowed to misrepresent the company or provide services under a different brand name while employed with Tech Geek UK LTD.

7. Liability: Any damage caused by technician negligence to a client’s device will be the technician’s responsibility, and the technician may be liable for the cost of replacement or repair.

8. Termination: Failure to uphold the terms, conditions, and standards of Tech Geek UK LTD may result in termination. Notice periods and severance, if any, will be outlined in the employment contract.

9. Continuous Learning: As the tech industry evolves, technicians are expected to keep updating their skills. The company may periodically provide advanced training.

10. Feedback and Review: Technicians will undergo periodic reviews to ensure they maintain the company’s standards in both technical expertise and business development.

11. Content Creation: Technicians are expected to produce high-quality content, both in terms of repair documentation and articles. Plagiarism or misrepresentation is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination.

12. Digital Presence: Any social media posts, articles, or other public-facing content created in the capacity of a Tech Geek UK LTD employee must be approved by the relevant department before publication. Misrepresentation of the brand or unauthorized content sharing can lead to disciplinary actions.

13. Growth Targets: Technicians are expected to achieve the growth targets set for them, especially regarding securing new business customers. Periodic evaluations will assess the achievement of these targets.
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