Why become one?

Due to the nature of laptops, there is more than one aspect of them to repair and different skills that are needed to repair them. How laptops are becoming thinner and having near enough the same specifications as PCs triple the size of it. So all of these components are obviously smaller. Due to this, the right technicians will be only able to fix your laptop problems. It is hard to find an individual technician that will be able to fix all the aspects of your problems from broken displays to internal problems. 

Seeing as there could be 100 different issues with a laptop. It is not as simple as stating one problem and how to resolve it. The first obvious step into how to start your career is to clearly gain experience. When it comes to laptop technician you will not find a course like this in schools or colleges. So to get educated in this field you can do either one of two things. Either yourself from online tutorials and videos or do a physical experience such as going to a training provider and laptop hardware course.

The next step is to decide what you will do with this experience. You could decide to join a repair service such as knowhow or you could work for your local phone shop. One fact that will shock you, most phone shops do not have an onsite technician, this is why when you send your laptop in for repairs it takes a decent amount of time. You may even decide to do some freelance work and repair laptops within your own time and deal with your own customer traffic, 

How we can help you?

Due to the nature of repair services, these jobs will always hold value so bearing this in mind. Here at TechGeek UK  we are a laptop repair training centre in West London and we provide a training service for laptop repairs and we teach practically as well as theory for the best knowledge. Visit our website for further information: https://www.laptoprepairtraining.co.uk/