Why become an Apple Certified Technician?

There are many different benefits when it comes to being an Apple-certified technician. I do not need me to tell you how big Apple is? You don’t need me to reiterate how independent Apple is when it comes to their components all the way to their accessories. It is a known fact of how expensive Apple products are. So the repairs for these products are also expensive, so being able to perform these repairs can be a very lucrative job. 


The first and most obvious step is to get training. Now there are two ways you are able to go around this to acquire the training. You could learn how to repair Apple products however even though it may be to a professional standard. You may not receive an Apple authorized certification to say you are. This does not mean your not skilled but it may mean you lose some customers and you may not be able to reassure your Apple customers. 

After you receive your training you can choose a number of different paths. For example, you could choose to work in an official Apple store. Which comes with many different perks as well as a good salary. You could decide to work for another phone repair service and most medium to large-sized companies will desire a qualified Apple technician. This is due to the fact they tend to be much more small and compact. One of the things can result in the whole device being damaged. You could even start your own freelance business which will mean you will be able to work from the comfort of your own home. Also with the peace of mind that you can work when you want.

Here at TechGeek UK, we are an Apple Authorized training provider in West London. Which means that if you want to decide to take a course with us you will receive a certificate. Which will validate your skills and make you recognised as being trained to a professional industry level