Good cybersecurity training costs can start from £200 to £3000. It depends on if you would like to do it on sight or prefer to do it online. The reason why it comes at such a high price is because of this a very desired qualification. Also, there is a need for more cybersecurity professionals for organisations. Due to this, companies want to hire people with real understanding and with real ability to secure the company. Here at TechGeekuk, we are hosting a free workshop for anyone that would like to come and participate and be able to come and take your first step into the cybersecurity world.

Here at TechGeek UK, We are based in West London and we provide training courses on cybersecurity. Which are taught by professionals that have years of experience in companies such as the bank of America. We can guide you to an industry professional of cybersecurity which will kickstart your career. We are also hosting a free cybersecurity workshop and we urge everyone to come and see how the cybersecurity world is.