Cybersecurity world

When it comes to the topic of cyber security, it is very vast and differed. Cyber security is not just one topic or one way of thinking there are many different aspects of cyber security as well prevention methods. As well as having numerous different cyber security procedures and techniques, there is also a lot of different statistics that would blow your mind.

Why buisnesses need cybersecurity?

Cyber security is imperative to any business or corporations, however one thing we should all accept is that you will never be able to eradicate cyber attacks and breaches due to the fact of being online, anything connected to a server or internet etc can be hacked. A study was taken place by  a university and it was stated that there is a cyber attack on average every 39 seconds. You can clearly see why having a strong cyber security in place is imperative for a company’s integrity. We live in a digital world that is constantly growing and evolving but with this will mean there will be risks because of this it is said in 2020 and 2021 50% of security will go to cyber security. It is imperative we know some statistics to do with cyber security so we know personally how to prevent these attacks. In 2018 half a billion records were hacked and stolen, then the question arises how our data and personal information is being handled.

Why individuals need cybersecurity?

We should really educate ourselves in the different branches to cyber security so we are able to see if our data is being handled properly. There are many different tests cyber security professionals are able to do, For example the “pentest” this is when a user hacks their own security and sees the weaknesses and then fixes them. Another example is secure firewall can prevent cyber attacks, a firewall in its simplest form is a barrier between an internal network and the outside network.

Why TechGeek?

Expanding your cyber security knowledge will only benefit you and come to your advantage and especially how the internet is constantly changing. Here at Tech Geek Uk we provide a cyber security course, we are also hosting a free introduction into cyber security workshop welcome to everyone more details will be posted in the next couple days.