Program Overview

DevOps Engineer Program will help you achieve competency in all aspects of software development (Dev) and technology operations (Ops) by using.
principles of continuous deployment and continuous monitoring. You will learn how to implement tools such as Puppet, Nagios, Chef, Docker, Git, and Jenkins.

Tools and Services Covered

DevOps Engineer Program Outcomes

At the end of this DevOps Engineer Program, you will:

Understand the fundamentals of DevOps engineering and be fully proficient with DevOps terminologies, concepts, benefits, and deployment options to meet your business requirements

Be able to deliver change requests from customers rapidly and effectively by adding new (and updating existing) features

Obtain complete knowledge of the “version control system” to effectively track changes augmented with Git and Github training

Develop a sound understanding of security and performance testing to safeguard releases from vulnerabilities

Have a detailed overview of continuous integration and container ecosystem by learning tools such as Jenkins and Docker

Successfully transition from a software engineer to a DevOps engineer

DevOps Engineer Learning Path

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of this Git and GitHub training you will be able to:
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