Smartphones and laptops, ever since their creation have been evolving and adapting to the world around us. When the first mobile phone was created in 1973 46 years later, we do not refer to them as mobile phones rather smartphones and there’s a reason for this because you are able to do much more than just make a simple call and write a text, now you have the world in your pocket and are able to manage every aspect of lie when it comes to social, work health etc. the first laptop was created 1981 and 39 years later you are able to see the change and different variants of laptops. Both phones and laptops have many things in common, but they both will be constantly changing having different designs different hardware, nearly all smartphones have decided to take the full-screen display route and laptops becoming more and more light as well as more slim design.

I am sure you can see in your own family who has a smashed screen to their phone or their battery being faulty or many different problems. As you can see a need for the mobile technician will always be needed and it is bound to increase as the designs of smartphones keep on evolving and changing. You may be thinking, “how will I find a job when I can name 10 phone repair shops of the top of my head?” but these phone stores usually don’t have an in-store phone repair technicians, they usually need to send it to a warehouse for example, haven’t you ever asked, “why it takes up to 7 days to repair a simple phone screen?”

When it comes to laptop repairs they tend to be more tricky, most of the time most users tend to just get paid insurance for there laptops however this is a big loss of money however this is due to the fact you don’t really find stores that do laptop repairs. Laptop technicians is not as complicated as it seems because of this that is why there is a need for more laptop technicians.

Being a mobile phone and laptop technician are very similar when it comes to some factors, for example, the need for these technicians, also the learning stage you do not need any GCSEs or qualifications to learn these skills. Here at TechGeek UK we provide these courses to learn more about this : mobile phone and laptop technician