As the internet is constantly growing so will cyber crime and this is important to note due to the fact that there will always be cyber risk and this also means that it is more of a problem for corporations and businesses, so the need for employees to prevent cyber breaches and risk will constant. It is impossible to 100% be safe from cyber attacks due to this the likeliness of needing more cyber security employees will increase, and the need for cyber security employees is already in demand.

There are many different benefits of having a career in cyber security. You may have already have a brief idea of the benefits of a cyber security such as it being rewarding and having high salaries however there are many more benefits. One major benefit that will make you think twice about your current job is the ability to remote work. With the evolution of technology in recent years with the development of VPN,4G and 5G data, servers and cloud based platforms you are able to work from the comfort of your own home or sitting in front of the sun. Cyber security roles are based online so it is not like how the movies portray sitting in an over crowded room pushing buttons all day long but it is not like this at all you can work from anywhere you want if you are connected to wifi or data.

There is the argument that not everyone you will be employed with will allow you to remote work, but that in itself is the beauty of having the qualifications in cyber security you are able to find the right work environment and the right business to work for. As I mentioned earlier as the internet will continue growing so will cyber crime, clearly this means all businesses and corporations no matter how big or small, will constantly need people to prevent cyber attacks, so you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to who you choose to work with.

Another major benefit to bare in mind is that self employment is an option, you will no longer need to work for “the man”, with cyber security you will be able to start your own cyber security firm. Building and securing networks for other businesses, you could work as a subcontractor that will enable you to work the hours you want and charge a business at a higher rate.

In conclusion you can see for yourself considering a career path in cyber security deserves a second look because these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Here at TechGeek UK we are hosting a free introduction into cyber security workshops, further dates concerning this will be posted in the next couple days. We also do full certified courses on cyber security taught by professionals that have years of experience in this sector!