Do you know who the real heroes are in this digital age…?

We all picture these characters donning capes, masks and fighting evil with wonderous powers like in the comics to
People behind the screens of business and nations, putting in the right defence and security so users data isn’t breached and exploited. Cyber security is a very big issue, due to the nature of systems and servers there will always be a way to be able to hack it and gain entry into it, there will never be a point where you will be able to be 100% security, although these seems bad this is why professionals are put into place to combat these cyber attackers.

You hear so many stories about cyber crime and cyber breaches but you also hear about how cyber breaches and attacks are prevented by cyber security professionals. It is said there is a cyber attack every 39 seconds, this may seem alarming but it doesn’t mean there isn;t the security in place to defend this. Haven’t you ever asked yourself why cybersecurity professionals have such a high salary?

In 2021 50% of security budgets will go to cyber security so you can see the importance of cyber security is only going to increase, especially how the world around us is becoming much more digital, with medical equipment as well as cars, the right security will have to be in place to ensure the security for anyone using these new technologies.

The need for cyber security job roles will only increase, on the website tech ventures it is stated that by 2021, “it’s projected that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally ”.this statistic really does show the need of cyber security jobs. Here at tech geek we are hosting a free workshop on the introduction of cyber security, further dates will be posted!