In the last year, we have all had to go online to find news, do our shopping and even see our friends and family. Amidst all of this, there has been a flux of new digital trends and new apps that have now become relevant. So with all of these new advances, there has been also new methods of digital marketing and new trends all companies and businesses should look into.

Social Media

The first if it isn’t the most obvious is being on social media and connecting with new and existing customers. Social Media in the last few years has been entering our lives and for some people taking over their lives but now in the last year I think everyone has decided to spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, TikTok and much more! Of course, you will be able to organically gain followers and interaction from audiences however now it has become a more competitive area for businesses where they have to pay for the ads so they can reach a more specific audience.

However, it may be pricey it is a very brilliant way to reach an audience so that you can help your business grow and find customers regularly.

Improve your communication of availability

Most consumers have been forced to start online shopping and now more than ever they are usually switching brands and buying from whoever is the most relevant and the most convenient and the best price. Due to the covid19 pandemic giving consumers information about your business and how it operates. Making sure that they know about offers and your stock. You can do this on google my business as well as your own website.

Google listing 

If you are a small business you need to ensure that your local listings are in place and are verified and kept the same across numerous search platforms. Google my business allows you to place information about your business. For example times location and allows you to come upon local listings.

The power of voice search

Voice search questions sometimes have different answers than a user that types in text. Companies should look into SEO for voice search, looking into search components for consumers that use voice search.

According to experts voice search content must be specifically optimized for voice it needs to be more direct and conversational so that it is in sync with consumer requests

More interactive content

Adding interactive features to your content for both your website and social media will provide value to visitors. It will allow them to engage and learn more about your company as well as have more of a pleasant experience.


These are new trends that all marketers and companies need to consider and stay ahead of the ever-changing digital marketing world. Here at TechGeek UK, we teach digital marketing from our experienced and expert trainers! contact us to learn more.