In this short post, I will be discussing tips to keep your laptop physically safe and secure.

Keep your OS & Software Updated 

Keep your software up to date as many vendors like Microsoft fixes security and operational related bugs. By doing so you will always have latest fixes against common attacks

Make sure you have Antivirus software installed and updated

It is a best practice that you install antivirus software on your computer. Most recent versions of Windows come with Defender which is a cloud-based anti-virus and more, make sure that its real-time protection is on.

Turn Firewall On and Review Settings

The firewall acts as a barrier between the computer and any unauthorized programs trying to access the system through the internet. Most computer systems especially Windows have built-in firewall hardware. There are other methods such as installing firewall software or the hardware for more security.

Backup Your Data

Make sure that you backup all your data to external storage. You can send all your data to online cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. If something happens to your data you will always have a backup to restore from.

Enter A Bios Password

A Bios Password is the password which will protect your laptop or computer against unauthorised access, to the boot sequence, or the overriding bios settings itself. All new laptops come with a secure boot, which protects any software or hardware modification to the bios, it can be easily disabled by going into BIOS settings. To protect against you must have a BIOS password set and enabled.

Do NOT lose this password! They are difficult to recover.

If you lose your BIOS password or don’t remember your BIOS password it’s nearly impossible for a normal person to get a working laptop. The only known way is to get a professional to reprogram the BIOS chip.

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