Depending on who you ask masting coding may vary, but with the right mindset and attitude, you can learn to code in as little as three months. To put it in perspective, that is one semester of a computer science degree. Now the question of if that is enough to set someone up to code professionally? This all depends on the person, and compared to university students learning computer science, if you decide on a specific career route in coding you will know what languages to learn and having a narrow goal that is more than achievable and enables you to become a master of that language or languages. 



Codecademy is a giant online coding boot camp. The community they have is very large and a great place to start for beginners. When learning a new skill it can be useful to be able to connect with people who are at the same level or similar level to you, Codecademy offers this on a great scale with literally millions of users online


Coursera has a large online library of free coding courses. All of the courses available are 100% free which is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn to code.

Coursera’s courses are put together by leading universities and companies in the industry. Although it’s just as valuable to learn new skills from people who use them on a day to day basis in the real world, however, it is reassuring for some, when there’s a big name behind the education.


Udemy isn’t solely focused on coding languages but they do offer great courses on these. You are able to learn from a wide range of in-depth courses through Udemy’s library. Whether you want to improve on existing coding knowledge or learn new skills, Udemy has it all. From game development to software development, creating apps to testing them, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Free code camp

Free Code Camp is a free coding boot camp that has a wide and established curriculum to teach from. All of the projects available allow users to work with hands-on experience. One thing a lot of people love about this coding resource is its community. There are millions of other users willing to support and help each other which is a great environment for any learner.


EdX is an open-source higher education program governed by MIT and Harvard, making it another great resource where you can learn to code for free online. The website offers over 600 in-depth courses under the “computer science” category, teaching various coding languages. Due to it featuring courses from world-class universities, it’s easily one of the best websites to learn to code for free.


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