1. SEO
If you want to rank on the search engines for particular keywords, then you would choose to use search engine optimization or SEO. SEO will not give you instant results, rather it is a longer-term marketing strategy,

2. Chatbots
This is a new feature in the online marketing world, chatbots stimulate a conversation to users and in turn, means you are interacting with your customers.

3. Video Marketing
Video marketing is extremely popular and this is because of the popularity among users. People are visual and as such, they enjoy visual stimulation
4. Email Marketing
Email is still a brilliant way to reach customers despite the newer methods that have appeared. statistics show that email marketing is still considered to be a highly effective marketing tool.

5. Paid Advertising
When you go down the route of paid marketing, whether on Google or whether on social media sites, you have to be wary of these costs and see which one is more beneficial for you.