Create a security system
Creating a security system using employees will need to be organized from the bottom up, and this will need to protect all of the businesses device and software that are used by employees.

Increase your employee skillset
Your cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link, your team should be kept up to date with all the latest IT practices. So they are prepared for any risk.

Back up your data
Always backup your data, files, and any electronic information that is vital to your business as well as the most recent drafts/iterations of projects your team is working on. So that in the worst-case scenario they are safe.

Consider cloud services.
Although the cloud still has its risks, you are less likely to lose critical data by saving data to the cloud. Using the cloud for data storage is an economical option for small to mid-sized businesses

Invest in your IT infrastructure
Don’t be shy when it comes to investing in your IT infrastructure systems because downloading anti-virus and firewall applications to protect all the devices